BIO: Kimberly Roush has a passion for the art of photography! She has spent her life studying art and photography graduating from the Columbus of Art & Design in 2015 with a Masters in Fine Arts. Growing up in southern Ohio she has a passion for this area, and having that local connection is important to her work. She helps her clients get the photographs they want, and have fun during the process! Kimberly strives to create a photograph vs. just taking a picture. Her style of photography is about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

"My story starts with being completely captivated in the process of creating a photograph. A photograph can be many things and its subjects can be posed, polished and calculated. However, every once in a while, a photograph can capture a moment, a smile, a look, and can tell a story. I strive to tell the story, to capture moments rather than images. Which is a constant battle between choosing when to press the shutter versus just taking a picture. I have been working on my style for years, and I strive to have a more candid approach to making images." - Kimberly Roush

If you have an event, wedding, or other event that requires entertainment make sure to check out her husband DJRoush, and book them together! They make a great team and will go above and beyond for your events needs. Scott Roush is also a photographer that will often be on location for sessions as well as an assistant or second shooter. 

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